Why do you Need a License for a Self-Driving Car? California Introduces New Rules

B: So California has published the world’s first set of regulations on self-driving cars.

A: That’s right, the draft rules allow companies to expand the scope of autonomous vehicles beyond their own employees and start leasing them to the public.



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B: However, cars will still be required to have a steering wheel and pedals, so a human driver can take over should the automatic system fail. Cars will also need the technology to guard against cyber attacks.

A: Drivers will also need an additional autonomous vehicle operating certificate issued by the DMV. So the 25-mile per hour thing, is that part of the new regulations?

B: Well no, that is actually Google’s own regulation for it’s self driving cars which are being tested on roads close to Google’s HQ in Mountain View. One car was even issued a parking ticket for driving 24 in a 30 and holding up traffic.

A: But Google says the cars are limited to 25 to make them feel quote “Friendly and approachable.”

B: Yep. The new regulations are a disappointment to Google, which is currently the largest operator of self-driving car prototypes. They hoped that self-driving cars would allow people who are unable to drive to have increased mobility.

A: Google released this statement: “In developing vehicles that can take anyone from A to B at the push of a button, we’re hoping to transform mobility for millions of people, whether by reducing the 94% of accidents caused by human error or bringing everyday destinations within reach of those who might otherwise be excluded by their inability to drive a car.”

B: The requirement that users of self driving cars still have a license is a blow to Google’s business plan.

A: But it is early days, and as technology improves, regulations may change.

B: The new regulations are currently in draft form, and will likely become law by the end of 2016.

A: So what do you guys think? Would you be happy riding in a self driving car?

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