The Definitive Guide to the Waterfalls of Southern and Central California


Although Chris Shaffer and John Muir have lived most of their lives in different centuries they both render similar characteristics in their travels.

Shaffer, like Muir, is an explorer, and while many believe California is so populated that there is no land left to explore in the 21st Century,Shaffer has proven them wrong.

Over the last decade, Shaffer has visited and documented more than 1,200 lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls throughout the Golden State. His findings were miraculous. All documented in “The Definitive Guide to the Waterfalls of Southern and Central California.”

Shaffer reveals dozens of waterfalls you couldn’t find on a map with a microscope. Many of the extravagant waterfalls Shaffer named himself.

“There’s no doubt in my mind people have been to all these waterfalls before. However, I’ve searched everywhere for documentation on many of these waterfalls and it doesn’t exist,” says Shaffer, President of Shafdog Publications. Shaffer is releasing his third book in two years. “The

Definitive Guide to Fishing in Southern California and The Definitive Guide to Fishing in Central California,” are well known California guidebooks Shaffer also wrote. “Rand McNally has their work cut out for them. People aren’t going to be able to find these waterfalls without the book. Many of them aren’t shown on maps.”

Including the 110 waterfalls Shaffer named himself, the full color, glossy, 416-page guide details more than 265 waterfalls, 65 of which you can drive to and others you need a boat to reach. All are located in Southern and

Central California.

“I told all my secrets. I wanted to write a book that inspired people to explore. There is no reason to sit at home on a Saturday and watch TV when no matter where you live in California there’s a waterfall less than one hour from your front door,” Shaffer said. “This book has something for everyone. Some you can drive-to, others require a short walk and I’ve included some where you need to set out on a three day backpacking trip to reach.”

“The Definitive Guide to the Waterfalls of Southern and Central California,” aims at revolutionizing the realm of fishing, hiking, camping and searching for waterfalls in California by making the trips fun and exciting for all. Shaffer not only tells you how to reach the waterfalls by car and foot, he describes his journey in locating them and includes color photos and real life stories to make the trip enjoyable for all.

“It blows me away, people from all over the world pay thousands of dollars to fly to California to see our waterfalls and the people who live here have no idea they exist,” says Shaffer. “It’s ironic. People think there is no flowing water in Southern California. You just have to know where to go.”

Illustrating both seasonal, intermittent and year-round waterfalls this book, stuffed with more than 500 color photographs includes more than 100 waterfalls where people can catch fish in the pool below the actual waterfall.

“You don’t need to go to Alaska to catch a trout while being sprayed with mist in a pool below a waterfall. You can do it in your backyard,” Shaffer added.

Broken up into 16 regions spanning from the Pacific Ocean east along Highway 108 over Sonora Pass to Nevada and the Bay Area down south to Mexico, this book makes even the most avid hikers and outdoor lovers salivate. For the novice hiker or hard core adventurer more than 775 miles of hiking trails to waterfalls are described.

“I’ve personally visited and rated all of them over the last 10 years,” Shaffer said. “Some of them you can jump off, others have great swimming holes. With the threats of terrorism and the war going on people need a place to relax and enjoy life and stay free from stress. This book will do it.”

This guide features the world renowned waterfalls of Yosemite National Park and the lesser known waterfalls of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, not to mention the pristine wilderness areasUsed Book in Good Condition