Sometimes it Rains in California

Dr. Hubbard seems to have everything going for him, success in his job and moderate fame, his choice of any woman he wants, and undeniable wealth. To those around him, he seems nearly perfect and untouched by anything. Then on an ordinary Tuesday evening a nervous ER intern corners him with a desperate plea to help save a young woman’s life. Almost immediately he realizes that the woman holds a connection to a secret from his past that he’s carried with him for years. As she remains unaware of the poignant way their lives are intertwined, Dr. Hubbard makes it his mission to keep her in his life until he can come to terms with how to handle the reality of what she represents. What begins as an unwillingness to let go of old memories and redeem past mistakes, soon turns into an intricate web of deception that forces Dr. Hubbard to make a choice. He can reveal the truth about their connection and face the anger and heartache that might come with that revelation or let her silently move on and maybe lose his only chance for reconciliation and redemption.