So You Want to Move to Florida: How to Save Time and Money in Becoming a Resident and Exploring Florida’s Treasures Your Guide to Securing Your Dreams in Florida


If you relish the idea of saving money, and living a dream too, this clear, concise book will give you keen insights on moving to and living in Florida. You’ll learn how to:Lead vibrant, interesting lives in Florida. Find the best places to visit as a resident. Establish Florida as your domicile. Protect your nest egg. Save thousands of dollars in buying your new home. Identify wildlife and birds. Avoid or minimize Florida intangible taxes. Have a Florida friendly yard. Do business in Florida. Tap into 55 cost saving ideas. Deal with the unique challenges and problems of Florida. Develop a priority-order focused plan. Avoid “had I known, I would have…” comments. Magic Threes. You’ll learn the top three birds, animals, lighthouses, wildlife refuges, beaches, day trips, mini-vacations, Florida “castles;” and three interest or expertise levels for activities. By focusing on the top three, you will be able to select the activities that best fit your unique needs and desires. These exciting experiences can unleash a new level of success and positive change for you. You’ll appreciate the business savvy, optimism and spirit of adventure that threads through the fabric of this easy-to-read book.Used Book in Good Condition