"I will NEVER do this again" – Cave Exploring and Freediving a Florida Spring Deep in the Earth

In this video we go cave exploring and freediving deep inside a Florida cave and Florida Spring. This is Gator Hole a Florida Spring that is a part of Merritt’s Mill Pond in Marianna Florida. Gator hole cave and spring is not normally accessible to freediving and cave exploring, however Merritt’s Mill pond has been temporarily drained lower and this has exposed Gator Hole cave and Spring. This Cave exploring and freediving in this cave was a once in a lifetime experience. I have been freediving in other Florida Springs like Ginnie Springs, Weeki Wachee, and Alexander Springs, but this is the most unique Florida Spring free dive experience I have ever had. This location is very close to Florida Caverns State Park as well. We stayed at Florida Cavers RV resort which is located on Merrit’s Mill Pond.

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I had a blast making this video with my buddies @Rich Aloha and @WorldofColton
Drone video clip credit to @Rich Aloha

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