Flynn’s Gold


Flynn’s Gold is a not too serious, contemporary treasure hunt set in the Florida Keys. Junior and Earl, two widowers from the North Carolina Mountains move to the Keys in search of a treasure in gold and silver coins. The treasure was hidden by a 1930’s rumrunner, who as it happens, was Junior’s uncle.

The story begins with a long letter to Junior from his Uncle Harley telling of his time as a rumrunner and how he came to possess the treasure. As the story progresses clues to the treasure’s location emerge, and so does the fact that others know of its existence.

Along with Junior and the culture shocked Earl, the main characters include retired drug smugglers, a bar maid that fist fights, an ex-con, fun loving fishing guides, a beautiful high dollar escort, a pot smoking seascape painter, a gun loving mute woman, and a Rottweiler named Sugar Cookie. And it is the Keys, so there are boats, tarpon, at least one big shark, and a waterside bar where the central characters hang out.

About 98,440 words.