Driving Big Sur – (California Pacific Coast Highway 1 [3X Speed])

A 71 mile drive on “Big Sur,” or “Big South.” Big Sur is a southern stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway in Central California, known for its world-famous views. The Pacific Coast Highway spans the entire Pacific coast of the United States, and into Baja, Mexico. It starts, or ends, near the border of Canada, in Washington state. The drive was on the late afternoon/evening of December 30, 2013 from about 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Points of Interest:

2:10 – Rocky Creek Bridge
2:30 – Bixby Bridge
6:00 – Leaving the coast/entering the woods and Big Sur Park/campgrounds
8:50 – Entrance to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
10:35 – Getting back to the coast
15:00 – Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park/McWay Falls access
20:00 – Sunset begins and creates dramatic colors
22:10 – Limekiln State Park/campgrounds
25:26 – Jade Cove

Fun Facts:

13:55 – Car pulls out in front of us and almost causes a collision
17:10 – Structural fire that eventually turned into a “mushroom cloud”
17:38 – Stopping to look at whales after spotting them on the road
21:50 – Recently finished bridge that is incomplete on Google Maps/streetview

All music used with permission by Midera – youtube.com/acemonvw
Songs in order:

-It’s Just a Smile
-In This Bitter Spring
-The Approaching Storm
-Winter Mourning