California Notary Public Exam


This book helps you pass the notary public exam and become a more professional practicing notary public. The following are reasons why you should use this book to prepare for the exam: 1. The author is an expert at preparing candidates for civil service exams, with more than 30 years of experience. 2. The book utilizes the question and answer method of subject presentation and studying which has a long history of success. 3. Selected legal terms are explained to help you better understand the law and be a more knowledgeable practicing notary public. 4. Quick Questions in flash card format help you memorize important facts. 5. Multiple Choice Questions help you to connect important aspects of the law. 6. Practice exams help you to further sharpen up for both the format and subject matter of the notary exam. Prepare for success! Use this book now – and during your notary public career.