California Dreaming: Crucible of Change #3

After battling mutant slime creatures, eco-terrorists, and a ruthless mage bent on making her the guest of honor at a human sacrifice, Olivia Mitchell was looking forward to a nice, long, all-expenses-paid vacation in southern California. Frank is busy training for his role in the latest Warblade venture – a reality series called Dungeon Raiders. While Frank learns the skills he’ll need for the show, it’s time for Olivia to decide what she wants to do with her new life.

Olivia planned to relax, do a little artwork, and bask in the glow of expectant motherhood. She forgot that a ‘trouble magnet’ doesn’t have an off switch and relaxing isn’t in her genes. With the help of a powerful mentor, Olivia is taking her magic skills to another level – studying harder than she ever did in college. At the same time a mysterious gallery owner promises to bring Olivia’s artwork to a new audience. It would be fame beyond her wildest dreams – if she’s willing to pay the price.

Television cameras attract all manner of crazy. Olivia wasn’t prepared to obsessed fans, and she didn’t expect the crazy team politics or would-be romantic rivals. Add a doctor with the world’s worst bedside manner and Olivia’s life behind the scenes far more dramatic than anything that’s actually part of the show. The chaos also cloaks a very real threat: a twisted mage from another world, intent on putting Olivia and her children on display in his personal menagerie.

It’s time for Olivia to get her Mommy Rage on – and this time, she’s killing for three.