Bad Drivers of Southern California 58


In regards to some comments at 16:06, turns according to the California DMV:…
A video from the official California DMV YouTube channel, 40 seconds in is when they explicity say my turn is indeed legal:

Also, let me add that California instructors generally teach new drivers to turn into the lane that you will eventually need. If you still disagree with me, then feel free to try to provide your own (trustworthy) source. I am open to discussing this further with you provided that you learn something.

Spring Break arrived, so I found time to make this. Hope you all enjoy! Thank you to AJ G. for providing some quality clips.

Intro music credit:
Blarsa – Garden Party

-I’m not a perfect driver nor do I claim to be.
-This is strictly for entertainment.
-The camera tends to distort the real-life perception, be regardful of this when judging distance and speed.
-Make sure you look up traffic laws for CA before commenting or kindly ask before making accusations; it might be different from where you live.
-Remember, Socal’s driving culture is unique.
-Many of these aren’t necessarily “bad drivers”, some of these are things that I find interesting on the road and a lot of these are honest mistakes that I’ve been guilty of and I post my own mistakes at the end.