11/23/2022 — Large Earthquakes spreading – M6.2 near California border + M6.1 in Turkey + STARFORTS

Things are picking up pace as expected. A large M6.2 struck just South of the California border with Mexico, and a large M6.1 struck in Turkey (europe).

Multiple spreads taking place now, the warned areas being hit — see the earthquake forecast for this week here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn_6ZtLlnTY

As promised, I also delve into the starfort finds I made.. including the military bases in the middle tip of each one… including the new madrid seismic zone starfort, as well as the California, Nevada, and Oregon ones.

It is now INDISPUTABLE. I am physically showing Ft. Leonard Wood, US geospatial agency being built in St. Louis, Weldon Spring Missouri nuclear site and army base, Edwards Airforce Base, Yucca Mountain, 29 palms marine base, Nevada nuclear test sites + Area 51, Hawthorne Army base, Facebook Data center and Hanford Nuclear site….. all in the pinnacle tips or directly on the sides of starforts which are dozens to HUNDREDS of miles in size.

Obviously the military and people in large corporations like facebook are aware of this, no way its chance with this many sites showing up in the middle of each starfort structure.

I have more examples than this …with this many, it means that whole groups of people in government must know the truth about what these are on some level.