☀Follow Me Around the Florida Keys ☀ | Islamorada, FL

Sorry I could only upload one video this week… I have been out of town and could only manage to edit one…! But here is a follow me around vlog to the FL Keys for my best friend Sarai’s birthday! It was so beautiful so I thought I’d share the footage with you!! Sorry the end screen got messed up…. hah! I’ll be back with my normal video schedule next week! Thank you guys for watching and for all your support! I love you all so much!!

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I am Jordan Anne, and I am a self-taught makeup and hair guru here on YouTube. I also have a passion for social media and film editing and hope to provide high quality and informative content through this channel to all of you. My vision is for you to find your inner beauty and live out a beautiful lifestyle based on what makes up your heart. Despite the number of tutorials I upload, at the end of the day, you are your own person with your own style and your own heart, and that’s the beauty within you.


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